I am moving forward not backward

Hello to you on a Friday like this
There is a lot of packing and cleaning here as we will be moving back to my hometown of Stockholm in about a month. It will be both fun and nice to come home and be able to meet my wonderful friends again. In the middle of my packing, I still occasionally sit down to create music as it's something I enjoy doing and I've found many great friends in the music industry and then it's fun to be able to talk a little about music and also create music together. Me and a man from the USA have created our group ViosNevana and we post all our music on youtube and we can be found if you search for the name. But of course I also make my music because it's a must. Life is like a bed of roses right now and the joy is felt deep in the pit of the stomach. I am simply new to life. I know it's not all a bed of roses in Stockholm and many may think I'm strange for wanting to move to a place where a lot of misery happens, but I've made my choice and I believe in it. To those of you who follow me here on the blog, I want to thank you for doing so and it means a lot and I hope you like what you hear in my songs. Thank you for me and have a wonderful weekend because I will have it regardless of all the hard work that is happening right now. Hugs Marlene 🙏✨🎈🤭🤗🎶🎵🌺☂